Birdy’s Bakery

Have you ever thought an American corner in Naples could be easy to find? Yes, it definitely is. In 2012 Birdy’s Bakery was born thanks to a shabby chic furniture and four different menus, from which one can choose either sweet or salty American specialties. Among the latter, there are club sandwiches, that combine local and foreign flavours, and bagels, a must of the American cuisine made of a salted donut which is baked twice, first in the water and then in the overn. On the contrary, for the sweet lovers, there are cupcakes, pancakes and muffins. Nevertheless, the top product of this bakery is the Red Velvet Cake, that alternates a layer of red sponge cake and a filling of yogurt, cheese and cream.

As concerns the drinks, you can choose whether to sip a coffee, a tea or an American drink, among a selection of drinks with particular tastes. Moreover, the Vanilla Coke and the Cherry Coke will overturn your idea of sparkling drinks. Accordingly to the different part of the day you go, a different gastronomic proposal will pop up. It’s up to you whether to choose an Italian or an American product!

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